Sales and marketing technology for residential real estate.

From single family to high-rise, we've got you covered.

It's time to move passed lawn signs, and offline sales black holes.

  • Take control

    How many visitors did we get this month? How many converted to leads? What's our sales velocity? What's the current PPSF? Get real-time visibility into sales by simply logging into your dashboard.

  • Increase Sales

    Technology isn't just a matter of efficiency, it's also a matter of capability. Edgewise enables you to do things simply not possible in traditional offline real estate.

  • Stay ahead

    Technology is reshaping real estate, and sellers need to keep up, or risk being left behind. Give yourself a differentiating advantage, while readying for younger buyers that prefer a technological interaction.

The entire buyer journey

From finding leads (Discovery), converting leads to buyers (Transaction), to getting buyers to settlement (Fulfillment).


  • Inventory management
  • Lead management
  • Messaging and ChatBots
  • Promotions and Open Houses
  • Real-time analytics and reporting


  • Reservations
  • Online negotiations
  • Document sharing
  • Design Studio
  • Invoice & deposit payment processing


  • Automated construction updates
  • Milestone planning / reminders
  • Walk-through checklists
  • Build orders
  • Transaction history export

Quickly and Easily Manage Inventory

Getting an entire project in Edgewise takes about an hour and doesn't require any special training.

  1. 1

    Create a new project in the Edgewise dashboard.

  2. 2

    Enter project descriptions, floor plans / units, and upload images / documents.

  3. 3

    Preview your project, make tweaks, and go "public".

  4. 4

    At any time, log in to add more content, release inventory, run promotions, add an open house, etc..

Simplify Lead Management

The Edgewise CRM is easy-to-use, tailored for residential new construction, and automatically integrated with the rest of Edgewise's functionality.

  • Stark Tower Condos
    Peter Parker
  • 177a Bleecker Street
    Bruce Banner
  • Wakanda Townhomes
    James Barnes
  • Stark Tower Condos
    Steve Rogers


From turn-key to fully custom, our websites are fully integrated into your inventory and CRM.

  • Custom domains
    We handle everything, from setup to maintenance.
    HTTPS certificates included.
  • Real-time syncing
    Updates made in Edgewise instantly push to your project's website.
  • Automatic updates
    We're constantly improving our products.
    Updates are rolled out regularly and automatically.
  • Search Engine Optimized
    Built with SEO and performance as a top priority.
  • Responsive Design
    The majority of visitors are on a mobile device.
    Mobile or tablet, we have you covered.
  • Learn more about Edgewise websites

Buy Now

Modernize your sales process by incorporating online "Buy Now".

Increase self-service unrepresented buyers, and younger buyers who prefer online experiences.

Keep things organized and convenient, by moving the offer and negotiation process online.

Edgewise coordinates communication flow, while giving you full visibility and control.

No additional cost. That's right, "Buy Now" is included in the subscription plan.

Learn how to get started with "Buy Now"

Analytics & Intelligence

Intuitive and actionable visibility into performance at the project level, and across the entire organization.


No hidden onboarding or training fees.
Free to get started.


Try out Edgewise for as long as you like.

  • No setup fees
  • No commission or exclusivity
  • Unlimited users
  • API access
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  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Hosted project microsites
  • Payment processing
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Design a custom package for your business.

  • Volume discounts
  • White label
  • Custom websites
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  • Is Edgewise a brokerage?

    No. Edgewise is a technology platform, providing Software as a Service (SaaS). Edgewise can plug into whatever sales setup you have; from traditional brokerages to fully in-house sales teams.

  • Does Edgewise charge a commission?

    No, Edgewise does not charge a commission. In-fact, it is free to evaluate Edgewise for as long as you like, and it is $200/month per project for full use of all features. We do not charge "seat licenses", setup, or mandatory training fees. There are no long-term contract commitments, and you can cancel at any time.

  • Are people really buying homes online?

    Yes! Not only is the buyer journey moving online, more and more buyers are unrepresented, and prefer communicating via technology over in-person, or even over the phone. While a home purchase is still one of the largest purchases someone will make, that does not disqualify it from happening online.

  • What types of projects are supported?

    Any new residential project is supported. Everything from detached single family homes, to high-rise condos. Single unit projects, to large master planned communities. Rentals, for-sale, and even combinations of the two.

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