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It's time to move the transaction online.

Increase unrepresented buyers

Edgewise empowers both sellers and buyers through technology. Sellers now have additional opportunity to sell direct to consumer, and buyers have the confidence to represent themselves.

Visibility and accountability

No more whisper down the lane. No more sales black holes. Log in to Seller Central at any time to see the communication flow.

Modern selling / buying experience

We've brought best-in-class e-commerce experiences to residential real estate. Just because real estate is expensive, doesn't preclude the transaction from happening online.

Separate yourself from your competitors

Give yourself another competitive advantage, and be ahead of the curve. Better to lead than to be too late to the game.

How it works

Similar to OpenTable for restaurant reservations, all reservations and negotiations happen in Edgewise. This is because users need Edgewise accounts, and we are processing their credit cards; which requires extra care.

Once "Buy Now" is enabled for your project / community, you can add a "Buy Now" button on your website(s) that links to your project in the Edgewise Marketplace (we can show you how).

All negotiations have an underlying reservation; which has a fee to the buyer. The reservation fee is set by the seller, with the default set to $250. The reason for the fee is to ensure only serious buyers are making offers.

When a prospect makes an offer, you'll be notified with the terms. You can then log in to Seller Central to accept, reject, or counter-offer. The buyer information and negotiation exchange automatically tie into the Edgewise CRM.

Once the terms have been agreed to, you draft the purchase agreement as you normally would. You can then either refund the fee, or credit it towards closing (we will transfer the money to your connected account).


  • Does "Buy Now" cost me anything?
    Buy Now is included in the paid monthly subscription plan ($200 per active project). Edgewise does not take a commission.
  • Does it matter if the buyer is represented?
    No, it does not. Part of the Buy Now process involves asking the buyer if they are represented, so you'll have a record. It's entirely up to you whether you want to accept offers from represented buyers. You can indicate in buyer instructions whether offers will be accepted from represented buyers, and/or if certain promotions apply (eg. unrepresented buyers would receive a seller's assist / rebate, etc.).
  • Can I use Buy Now with a brokerage?
    Yes, absolutely. There is nothing precluding you from using a brokerage for handling the seller side of the negotiation. You can sell all online, or carve out just a few to see how it goes. Essentially, online and offline sales are not mutually exclusive, and can run alongside traditional sales.
  • Can I prevent below list-price offers?
    Yes. There are multiple options for Buy Now. The default is to allow below list price offers, but that can be changed to only allow offers at-or-above the list price. The third option is to disable offers, and only allow reservations. The offer policy setting is per project, and can be changed at any time.
  • Do offers expire?
    Yes. Offers expire after 48 hours, and the clock is reset upon a counter-offer. If an offer (or counter-offer) expires, the buyer's initial offer fee is automatically fully refunded.

Getting Started

To get started with Buy Now, you need a seller account with a paid monthly subscription plan ($200/month). From there, you add your project, and configure the Buy Now settings. That's it!

Use the contact form below to learn more, and schedule a demo.

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